How You Can Help Hedgehogs

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Plant a Hedge

A hedge is the perfect garden habitat for hedgehogs, allowing them easy access between gardens, and room for piles of leaves to accumulate beneath it, where they can forage, hibernate and raise their young.

Cut Holes in Your Fence

One of the best things you can do for hedgehogs is to allow them access to your garden. Simply cut a 12cm x 12cm hole in the bottom of your fence.

If you have a large garden, then consider making holes at several points.

Make Ponds Safe

Ensure your pond has sloping sides so hedgehogs can enter and exit easily.

Alternatively, drape thick rope netting over one side, or place a log around one end so hedgehogs can use it as a ladder.

Check Before Trimming

Prevent injury – or, worse, death – by checking long grass before using your lawnmower or strimmer. If you find any hedgehogs, simply move them away from danger to a safe and secluded spot.

Don’t Use Slug Pellets

Ferric phosphate pellets are said to be less harmful to hedgehogs, but will take slugs and snails out of their food chain, so avoid using them – the hogs will help control your slug population.

Leave Out Extra Food

Offer hedgehogs meat-based dog or cat food, preferably chicken or turkey flavour. Avoid leaving out bread and milk as this can dehydrate and kill them.

Retain Twigs and Leaves

A pile of leaves, logs or twigs left in a quiet corner of the garden makes the perfect hedgehog habitat, providing a warm, dry and secluded placer for them to nest in and hibernate.

Check Bonfires

Either dismantle and rebuild your fire just before lighting, or light it on the same day that you build it. This will ensure that no hedgehogs or other wildlife have had a chance to creep inside.


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