Make an Entrance: Boost Your Home’s Kerb Appeal!

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Every street has one – the house you can’t resist glancing at as you drive by. It draws your eye as you admire the well-groomed garden, cheerful plantings and attractive house. If you find yourself glancing at the most attractive home on your street, but sighing as you drive up to your own home, fear not – now is the perfect time to give your home a kerb appeal update.

If you are thinking of selling, a property’s outer appearance is often the deal maker (or breaker) when it comes to buying a home. It takes potential buyers no more than eight seconds to decide whether they like a house or not.

Read on to learn 5 easy and cheap ways to dramatically improve your home on a budget.

1. Update your Colour Palette

It doesn’t work for books, but it does for houses – judging them by their façade we mean. If you’re looking for a quick fix to improve the appearance of your home, consider choosing a new colour palette to unify the appearance of your windows and doors. The priorities should be to ensure that the woodwork is in good condition, the front door has a fresh coat of paint, and the door hardware is good quality, or at the very least give it a good clean or polish.

2. Clean up Pathways, Gates and Front Walls

Brush and thoroughly scrub or give your exterior a good bath with the pressure washer. Weed any borders. If your home opens directly onto the street, then take it upon yourself to brush, scrub and clean the pavement.

3. Lawn Clean-Up

A decent looking lawn is a must when it comes to kerb appeal. If you are having trouble with your lawn, get free expert advice from your local GreenThumb expert. We offer seasonal treatments which will transform the colour and quality of the grass. Treating your front lawn can turn a bleak, neglected lawn into a lush, liveable space.

4. Install Lighting

Fixtures can add accent lighting to trees and the house, or can illuminate a walking path. Fit attractive carriage lamps, lanterns or general door lights to create a classy frontage.

5. Plants, Flowers and Greenery

Fit hanging flower baskets, potted plants, window boxes and trailing creepers pretty much anywhere; almost any greenery will make your home more attractive.

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